Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blizzards and burritos

After weeks of suspiciously warm weather, we finally had a little bit of snow last night - okay, it was no blizzard, as the admittedly misleading title may have had you believe, but it was sufficient to make smug all of those who throughout the day opined that "it feels like it's going to snow today," and quieten the tourists who had been expecting to be ice skating and drinking hot chocolate, not sun-baking while eating ice cream. It was wet and mushy snow, and the windows of restaurants everywhere, and more than a few pairs of spectacles, were fogged up and dripping. In other words, a perfect night to eat spicy carbohydrates and down comically large and cheap margaritas. 

There are a million Mexican restaurants in NYC, and at least half of them probably serve fresher, more authentic Mexican food than Benny's Burritos, but this place is my current Mex resto of choice for the following reasons: 

1. The atmosphere is fun, colourful, and young, and no one in there takes themselves too seriously, which makes it a big departure from a lot of other places in the area.
2. The food is cheap and plentiful, the corn chips are free, and the eclectic wall art includes a painting of John and Jackie Kennedy, a kind of home-made portrait of the Beatles, and a sign that says Peace, Love and Guacamole.
3. Did I mention the margaritas were comically large and cheap? Let me add to that, potent. Just ask my sister who, after nerry more than one glass of the stuff, basically passed out mid sentence. 

All in all, a great place to spend a snow-filled, foggy-windowed evening in New York.


  1. I've been there! Fun place. Have you been to La Esquina?
    Why oh why can't Geneva have JUST ONE decent Mexican restaurant? So jealous of your NY plethora...
    Peace Love and Guacamole,

  2. Haven't been there but have heard it's fantastic! Also an episode of How To Make It In America (have you seen it?) was filmed there and it made it look super cool... with much great tequila.

    Stuff Geneva, let's go grab some Mexican in Mexico! Yes!? xx

  3. HELLS YES. Seriously, anytime you want 'vacaciones' in Mexico, call me. What a country. Would do anything to be sitting on a Pacific beach, margarita in one hand, taco in the other, right NOW.